buy, re-sell, create and inspire.

The unique African destination to a community-driven circular market. It’s all ads-free, with zero commission on your sales and purchases.


kickstart 🚀 your business with the fresh new .donkafele application.

Quick setup of your account

You need to be in one of the countries where Donkafele is available and use an active phone number to enjoy all the exciting features of the platform.

Smooth and easy navigation

The app is smooth and features have been designed to be simple for buyers and sellers to use.

Reliable and safe operation

Donkafele’s sellers are carefully screened to ensure safe transactions from purchase to delivery, with no intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

buy and re-sell second-hand products 🌱 and discover independent designers.

Unique product shopping

On the app, you will find unique products, hunted with love by passionate second-hand re-sellers.

Buy recycled products

Meet a community that shares and supports our values by selling recycled products to reduce waste.

Discover independent designers

The app was designed to encourage creativity, and give visibility to designers. As well, as to allow them to sell their work.

track and manage your orders, purchases 🛍 and sales 🤑, in one place.

Your orders in one place

The “Order” button, on the main menu, helps you to easily find your purchases and sales on the same page with a simple swipe.

Access to order details

Find all the important details of your orders and can process them quickly and efficiently without losing your mind.

Order tracking

Get notifications on the status of your pending orders, and quickly process them before and after the delivery.

Inspire the community 😀 and scaleup your brand in a sustainable ♻️ and responsible 💚 way.

Trusted and local community

Be a part of an incredible journey, and discover a local community that embraces and promotes the core values of Donkafele.

Zero advertising

Take full advantage of the experience that the app offers, with smooth navigation on all pages, without being interrupted by commercials.

Zero commission

Freely sell and buy your products with zero commission applied on sales or purchases.